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Success Consultant and Coach for those with ADHDSteve Kohlenberger1

Hi, I’m Steve Kohlenberger. I want to take this opportunity to officially welcome you to Beyond ADHD, and to get to know me.

I have been working successfully with adults whose business, professional, and / or personal lives have been affected because they happen to have ADHD. In addition, I have coached others who are looking for greater levels of success in their lives who are not impacted by ADHD.

The commonality among my clients is that they wanted more ease, more of a sense of control over their lives, better aligned with their goals, and greater results from their efforts in life. My job is to ensure that my clients experience greater confidence, and a greater sense of achievement in whatever aspects of their lives they choose to work on.

  • Over 25 years of business expertise in Project Management and Information Technology, and Software Engineering.
  • Comprehensive ADHD Coach Training from ASCT
  • Executive Coach Training
  • M.A. in Spiritual Psychology
  • Project Management Professional Credential since 2003 (PMP)
  • CEO of a computer software development company for 10 years.

Other Relevant InformationRainbow Road

I have ADHD. I discovered this about myself a number of years ago, and I must admit, this revelation really changed my life. It certainly explained some of the challenges I’d gone through as a kid in school, and helped me understand why I didn’t finish college until later in my life. Educating myself and developing an in-depth understanding of how ADHD can impact all facets of life, from school, to being on the job, to family life, was really eye-opening.

A year after I discovered my ADHD, my wife, a psychotherapist, learned that she had ADHD as well. Our ADHD takes very different forms, which helps me understand that it can exist on a wide spectrum, showing up uniquely in each individual. In addition, I now have a lot of insight and compassion into how ADHD impacts individuals, couples, and married life.

My wife and I work co-operatively, when, and if, our work calls for that. We are in the process of putting together some “talks” we will be doing together. Watch for those!

We live in Southern California with our two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are part of the family.

I hope this helped you know me a bit better, and I hope to hear from you. Please go to my Contact page to connect with me.

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