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Is your ADHD ahead of you?
Want to catch up, and then go Beyond your ADHD?

Beyond ADHD

Are you living the life of your dreams? Many of us are not.Dreams in the Sand

If you are not passionately engaged in progressing confidently toward your dreams, what is getting in your way? What is slowing you down, knocking you off track, and keeping you from moving forward towards excellence?

ADHD or ADD alone could be the reason we don’t receive the rewards in life we believe we can achieve.

Achievement of those rewards can seem particularly elusive when you have been trying to go it alone and are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or distracted despite your best efforts.

The support of an ADHD coach could be just what you need to propel you toward success.

Why will ADHD coaching be successful when other types of coaching won’t?

  • ADHD coaching differs from other coaching in that it is a collaboration between a specially trained coach who understands the unique strengths and challenges of the ADHD brain, and the individual who may be experiencing some of these challenges in their work life and home life.

  • The ADHD coach helps the client emphasize their talents, skills, and strengths, to develop “workarounds,” and creative solutions, so that the client may live a more successful and fulfilling life.

  • ADHD coaching serves the purpose of allowing the client to develop their greatest internal assets and external resources to overcome any of the challenges of overwhelm, distractibility, disorganization, timing issues, or a habit of incompletions, to name just a few.

  • Ultimately, this enables the client to own the coaching process to the degree that they can incorporate what they have learned in all areas of their lives.

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How do you know if Beyond ADHD Coaching is a good fit for you?

  • Your are an Adult with ADHD finding your life, your small business, or your employment, are off course or not working as you would like. You are serious about getting things back on track and concerned about your recent results.

  • You want someone who ‘gets you’, won’t judge you, listens deeply to you, has ADHD themselves (that’s me), and can draw from a wide background of experience to support you.

  • As an ADHD coach, I will share the tools and techniques that support you in changing patterns that no longer work for you like: procrastination, indecision, poor communication, and feelings of being anxious and out of control.

  • Together we will help you get Beyond ADHD by designing a program which meets your specific goals and needs, supporting you to truly feel in charge of your life.

  • The process of Beyond ADHD Coaching integrates strategies such as logging progress, and measuring results, with ongoing feedback, so you can see for yourself how well you are advancing.

If you want to reach inside yourself and find your ADHD strengths and use them to go  Beyond ADHD. You have found the right coach to help you along your path.

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Recognized as an expert and subject matter coach by Melissa Orlov, the recognized leader in ADHD couples issues:

“Steve KohlenbergerM.A. [Psychology], PMP. Orange County, CA., Local, and nationally by phone, Skype, Google Hangout. His Strategies 2 Succeed Coaching helps Adults with ADHD, including small business owners and IT professionals, achieve their goals with effectiveness and efficiency, at work and at home. ADHD Coach Certification trained, plus extensive entrepreneurial and technical background. Took couple’s seminar. Contact: (949) 288-3459,”


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